VOC  Gas leak Detection Systems with alarm

VOC Gas leak Detection Systems with alarm

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VOC  Gas leak Detection Systems with alarm Model ATS-105M

Our VOC GAS Detection system with alarm is designed for continuously monitoring volatile organic compound in Industries, Laboratories etc Alarm Relay can be programmed to be either latching or non latching and to activate either as a rising or failing alarm.


  • Fast  and accurate response
  • Long life specific gas sensor technology
  • Continuous monitoring
  • Sampling by Diffusion or by sample draw by auto suction pump
  • Two alarm level


Sensor   :  PID ( Photoionization )
Mounting   :  Wall
Resolution   :  0.1 Unit or 1 Unit (Application based)
Sampling Method   :  Diffusion Or by Auto suction Pump
Display   :  Digital Continuous
Power Source   :  110VAC or 220VAC/50Hz, 24VDC  (Optional)
Accuracy   :  +/2%
Response Time   :  90% in 10 Second
  :  +/2%
Signal Output
  :  0-1V, 4-20mA (Optional)
Sensor Life   :  2-3 Years
Alarm Setting
  :        High and Very High  Adjustable oval full range
Alarm Circuit
 SPDT 5 AMP 220V Contacts
Controls   :           Zero, Span, Alarm Setting
  :  210X150X100 mm