Portable Gas Analyzer

Portable Gas Analyzer

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Portable Gas Analyzer Model ATS-206A

 Our Portable Gas Analyzer is a compact Rugged & Intelligent instrument,Complete versatile, Multi functional portable Gas Analyzer for instant and accurate data, & concentration of the gases. Its simple automatic operation, continuous measurement & digital display of concentration makes it a valuable aid for on site instant analysis & follow up action. Its data logging & computer interface features can be used for further detailed analysis in the laboratory.

The Applied Portable Model ATS 206A with digital read out and alarms is a direct reading compact Portable Gas Analyzer, designed to serve the demanding field requirements of various gases Producing and using Industry. It is designed to replace the cumbersome and Time consuming Or set apparatus and provide quick and accurate reading of gas Purity. It offers the user a distinct advantage in terms of economy, dependability maintenance and ease of operation. The instrument incorporate TCD / INFRARED as a transducer. It has adjustable visual and audible alarms with Automatic Zero Calibration Feature.

Special Features:

  • Portable, compact and rugged.
  • Complete Automatic Operation
  • Graphics displays messages and values through the operation of the analyser
  • Self check facility and a special software ensures accurate analysis of data
  • Standard Fuels with their parameters are preprogrammed. Others on request.
  • Battery operating period of 6-8 hours

Specification :-

Parameters: H2, O2, CO2, N2, NO, NOX, NO2, SO2, HC, Humidity, H2S, Temp, Combustion Efficiency, Cl2, NH3

Principle   :  Electrochemical, Solid State Semiconductor and PID (Photo Ionization )
Range   :  %V/V, % LEL, PPM, Mg/M3
Resolution   :  0.1 Unit or 1 Unit (Application based)
Sampling Method   :  Auto Suction though inbuilt Pump
Response Time
  :  30 Seconds at 95% variation.
Display   :  128 x 64 Graphics LCD
Alarm   :  Two Levels Low & High, Visual & Audible                                         
Flow Rate
  :  2.84 L/M
Operating Time
  :  6 - 8 hours                                                                                
Power Source   :  Built in Lithium Rechargeable battery
Accuracy   :  +/2%
Response Time   :  <5 Second
Data Storage   :  5000 or 10000
  :  High Impact Plastic
Sensor Life   :  2-3 Years
Temperature   :           15degree Celsius
Dimension in mm   :  170(L) X 100(W) X 130(H)mm.
Weight   :  0.6 KG
Warranty   :  One Year