Online Continuous Stack Emissions Monitoring Systems

Online Continuous Stack Emissions Monitoring Systems

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As per latest CPCB guidelines, it is now mandatory to monitor online continuous Stack Emission Monitoring Systems (CSEMS) in 17 categories of highly polluting industries and in Common Hazardous waste and Biomedical waste incinerators for the parameters(industry/sector specific parameter) mentioned in the consent to operate/authorisation not later than by March JUNE 30,2015.

Sl. No.CategoryEmission Parameters
1AluminiumPM, Fluoride
2CementPM, NOx, SO2
4Chlor AlkaliCl2, HCl
5FertilizersPM, Fluoride, Ammonia
6Iron & SteelPM, SO2
7Oil & RefineryPM, CO, NOx, SO2
8PetrochemicalPM, CO, NOx, SO2
9Power PlantsPM, NOx, SO2
10ZincPM, SO2
11CopperPM, SO2